GoCo Blocks E and F

In Mölndal, south of Gothenburg, GoCo emerges a new health and life science innovation center which includes an injection of around 300 companies, housing, hotel and public meeting points. Astra Zeneca's' research facility is established close by, which operates in the same field.

The aim is to create a place where researchers, entrepreneurs and talent is gathered from all corners of the world. The entire area is therefore designed to give an inspiring feel and includes many places which invite to spontaneous meetings and exchanges of ideas. 

Next Step Group and Vectura Fastigheter work together to realize GoCo, Semrén & Månsson is responsible for setting the tone for the new area with the first building complex in block E+F. 

The building, which is constructed entirely in wood, is supposed to stimulating creativity and signal sustainability. A rational pillar- and beam system allows for a flexible layout and variability between different businesses over time. A grid system with stacked boxes are exposed and enables a transformation of the expression of the building as needed, by simply adding or removing different parts. As a playful reminder of the important research and the work that is underway, sculptures of people are placed out on parts of the roof. 

Общая площадь
35000 m²
GoCo Development AB